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This is a temporary or mobile sign that can be easily interchangeable.
Very use full to display specials at shop fronts or even restaurants.

ABS Panel

ABS panel is a lightweight plastic like material used for safety signs, nameplates and other indoor/outdoor signs.

The thickness varies from 0.9mm – 5mm.

Book Binding

  • Perfect Binding
  • Ring Binding
  • Wire Binding
  • Spiral Binding

Business Cards

We provide a variety to suite your needs.
The standard size business card is 50 x 90 mm (400gsm).
You can choose from double sided or single sided cards.
For an executive feel we suggest lamination (frontal side only). 


190 – 360 gsm

This product is perfect for any cherished moment.

Sizes range from A0 to A5.

We also have the option for custom size canvases.

Chromadek Signs

A chromadek sign fitted on a 25mm square tubing frame and finished with a 19mm aluminium angle iron.

Used for outdoor signs.

Contra vision

Contra vision is also known as one way vision.
It has a unique function of displaying a full colour print from the outside while it limits visibility after it has been applied to glass.  It is does not limit visibility from the inside out so it is perfect for vehicle rear windows, shop fronts or even residential sliding doors.  This product is easily removable or interchangeable and does not damage the surface adhered to.

Correx Board

An economical, lightweight, waterproof sign board used for display boards or advertising boards. 

Ideal for short term advertising on lamp posts, etc.

Doming Stickers

Ideal for branding and name badges.

Flags & Tear Drops

This product is a favorite for outdoor advertising that catches attention.

We can provide a wide variety of shapes and sizes